Miss France 1927 Louis Vuitton suitcase

Miss France 1927 Louis Vuitton suitcase

A 1927 Louis Vuitton suitcase in monogram canvas.

The 1927 Miss France was sponsored several luggage items by LV. She used them during all her travels and was photographed many times at arrivals with these cases.

This particular case she used after 1927 when she no longer carried her title. At these travels she was confronted many times with her former title and was tired of this after a while.

She decided to cover the Miss title and only have the ‘France’ part visible. One of these labels we have partly removed and as pictured you an see the Miss title reappearing.  You can find packing this case in the famous book 100 Legendary trunks, issued by LV in 2010 on page 200.

Size : 65x41x21cm

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