About Pinth

The founder

Luuk Pynaker

Luuk Pynaker is the founder of Pinth Vintage Luggage and active in the field of vintage luggage since 2004. He is widely seen as one of the leading experts in the world of vintage luggage.

Over 15 years ago he opened his first vintage luggage shop in Haarlem,
near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

To source his luggage he travels the world and discovers that it’s not the destination but the journey itself that is what life is all about.
He is very happy to have found his great passion in life, being able to work with vintage luggage every day, sourcing, restoring and selling vintage luggage.


Local sales partners

We work with several local sales partners in Asia and Monaco. Frequently we organise sales events in these regions where we bring a nice selection of the best trunks.

Miss Hong Ying

Sales director / Taiwan
+88 6970193997

Anne Toebes

Sales director / Monaco
+33 680863480

The history of European Luxury brands


An introduction

In the early 1850’s, people began to travel more often.Some to immigrate to their next habitat, others for holiday or to visit family and friends abroad. The primary modes of travel in use at the time included trains, ocean liners and horse drawn carriages.

While most travellers used plain and simple luggage, the elite demanded higher quality bags and luggage for their travels. As a result, several small businesses began producing high quality leather goods to meet the demands from the elite travellers. The high quality luggage industry first appeared in France and later in Italy. It was the former saddle maker, Hermes, that opened his first luggage and leather goods store in 1837, followed by Moynat in 1849, Goyard in 1853, and Louis Vuitton in 1854.

Later, the Italian brand Prada opened up their first store in 1913 followed by Gucci in 1921. These companies started out producing leather bags, suitcases and travelling trunks. Today, most of them have developed into multi-billion dollar fashion-houses.

Louis Vuitton

In 1854 Louis Vuitton founded his first shop at 1 Rue Scribe in Paris. It sold travel luggage and became popular very fast, he served movie stars, royals, aristocrats and many other celebrities.


The Goyard brand was established in Paris in 1853 by Edmond Goyard. He designed the famous ‘ Chevron’ monogram logo that is still used today. Many aristocrats and movie stars found their ways to this distuinquished shop and had their luggage custom made.


Moynat’s first atelier in Paris was opened in 1849 by trunk-makers Octavie and François Coulembier. They joined forces with Pauline Moynat, a specialist in travel goods, to open the first store of avenue de l’Opera. Moynat was one of the first leather goods houses of its day.


Hermès was founded in 1837 in Paris by Thierry Hermes at the corner of Rue Saint Honore and Rue de Faubourg where it still is today. Initially they produced saddlery for horse and other leather goods, later they produced the world finest luggage as their craftsmen were the best leather workers.

Media & Fairs

You are most welcome to visit us our vintage showroom and office in The Netherlands. But you can also meet us at one of the many international luxury fairs that we attend or at our own private events that we regularly initiate at 5-star hotels in major cities like
Shanghai, Bangkok, Taipei, Geneva and Moscow.



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