1900s Louis Vuitton monogram coffee table trunk

1900s Louis Vuitton monogram coffee table trunk

An early LV monogram coffee table trunk in good condition with the original inside tray.

The monogram logo was created in 1896 by Gaston-Louis Vuitton (son of the founder)

The production process of this woven canvas was pretty complicated and was discontinued after 8 years only. After this the monogram was handpainted to the monogram.
The size of this one is 100x54x43cm or 40x22x22inches. It has leather edges all around and brass handles. The inside has a removable tray and is stamped with a blue inked label that reads the address from the two only shos at the time and the serial number.

It’s a great piece with a lot of character highly collectible for this canvas was only produced for a short while. The serial number is 114371. The lock number is  080646.

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