Product Description

coming in early september;  This wonderfull black antique Prada trunk, unrestored!   Pictures shown are from the barnfind we just visited.

The Prada brand was established in 1913 by the Prada brothers (fratelli Prada) in a small barn behind their family house.

They started out as leather makers first and luggage makers second. Black was their favourite colour back then,  nowadays still the most sold colour and also the colour of this trunk.

Only a few hundred of these trunks have been built.

A model like this is called the wardrobe model for it can hold an entire wardrobe while travelling. It has the original removable shoe case inside, on the left downside.

On the outside it has several travelling labels, one from a Swiss Interlaken hotel. It also has a red/white stripe all across the trunk.

The size of the trunk is 56x112x55cm.